Pomade vs. Gel: What’s The Difference?

Pomade vs. Gel: What's The Difference?In the age we live in there are as many hair styles for men as there are for women. Some men like the textured look while others like it high and tight. Still others go for unusual styles that really don’t have a name. Regardless, in the culture we live in today men’s hair options are as wide open to them as they ever were.

In this vein, many of these hair styles require some sort of hair product to give the man the look that he is wanting. There are many options available and it’s easy to get confused when deciding which product is the best choice for your style of hair.

Because of this confusion lots of people buy products that are not good for the style and/or texture of their hair. One of the biggest confusions comes when we try to decide between hair gel and Pomade. Both are great hair products for men and many men make the mistake of thinking they are one in the same. But they are not.

Let’s briefly discuss the differences between these two products for men’s hair styles.

When referring to hair gel it can best be described as a styling aid that will place a man’s hair into a desired shape. It is exceptional for short hair which demands more precision but can also be used on long hair. Hair gel will hold a man’s hair in place throughout the day even in the most humid of conditions. Additionally, hair gel does not give a wet or crusty look.

Of all the hair products available for styling and shaping men’s hair, hair gel is the strongest in not letting the hair move or change. It must be kept in mind; however, not to apply too much otherwise your hair will have a wet and crusty look about it. The working theory is the less you can apply to get the style and shape you want the better looking it will be.

The correct way to apply hair gel is to place a small amount into one of your hands, rub your hands together and apply it to towel dried hair. Use your fingers to style and shape your hair the way you want it to look.

There are lots of different hair gels on the market today. They are usually differentiated by the durability of their hold. By this we mean they are labeled light hold to extra hold to stiff hold. In determining which to buy you want to consider not just the one that will shape your hair the best but also one that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol tends to dry out and damage the hair.

Pomade, on the other hand, is a fairly greasy product that is designed for spiking, styling and/or smoothing out the hair.  It’s best to compare it to a mix between a wax and a hair gel. Pomade gives a light hold to the hair to give a man his desired look but it does so without making the hair look greasy.

As opposed to hair gel, pomade is easy and soft on hair and contains, the vast majority of the time, conditioning and nourishing ingredients. For a short, spiky look it works wonders. It also works well on up do’s instead of long hair allowing the hair to stay in place minus the stiffness.

Similar to hair gel, if too much pomade is used your hair will look oily. Therefore you want to only apply as much of the product as needed to get the desired results. Instead of putting it in your hand like gel, you want to put a small quantity on your fingertips, rub it on your fingers and simply style and shape your hair as desired with your fingertips as opposed to with your hands when using hair gel.


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